Prophetic Class Registration – Fall 2020

Here’s a list of the available Prophetic Classes for the Fall of 2020.  Using the form below, please register for the class of your choice.  You may register for multiple classes.  Class begin October 19th and end December 19th, 2020


    1. The Prophetic WarriorProphetess Doris Dickey and Prophetess Denise Cross
      The Prophetic Warrior
      Mondays 7pm

    3. The School of the SeersProphet Waverly Guyton
      The School of the Seers
      Wednesdays 7pm

    5. Made for a MiracleProphetess Phalese Binion
      Made for a Miracle
      Saturdays 10 am

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    8. You may select multiple classes