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Chief Apostle Dr. Clifford E. Turner Homegoing Program

A message from Elect Lady Darlyn C. Turner


Dear LIN, Family, Friends, and Loved ones

As I sit and await the final step of laying my husband to rest, I wanted to let you know how much your love, prayers, support, calls, emails, gifts, visits, etc. have meant to me.  Coupled with His grace, these gestures have been key in me getting through the most traumatic experience of my life.

None of us will ever be the same.  The impact of Apostle Clifford E. Turner upon our lives has now been magnified beyond description.  We are all adjusting to this new day and our strength will be in our love and support of one another, as we uphold his legacy of foundational truth, love, prayer, and service.

I want to publicly thank Apostle Sheraine Lathon for her complete and unwavering support to my husband, our children and myself.  Not just now, but for all the years despite the ups and downs.  I am forever grateful for your love and commitment to God and my husband.

I also want to thank Apostle Beverly Bam Crawford, a true friend to my husband and my “west Coast” mother.  Your support during this time was priceless to me and I am humbled by your sacrifice.

To my friends for life, Pastor Rhonda Olison, Prophetess Sharon Randolph, Cynthia Fulton and Katherine Mitchell Ollie who stayed with me, checked on me daily, made sure we had what we needed and allowed me to go through my process, I love you forever.

To the Olison Family, Apostle James Randolph, for your never-ending support.  To all the Liberty Temple Churches, LIN Pastors, Leaders and fivefold who all reached out to me, checked on me and demonstrated your love toward me, I can’t express how your support fills my heart.

To all our Liberty Family (past and present) your posts, honor, attendance, acknowledgements have warmed my heart to see that my husband’s charge, “to make Liberty a Family “, was accomplished after all!  Despite differences, separation, misunderstanding or the like, we did what families do, and that is come together when it is mandatory!

I love you all and appreciate all you have done over the years and for your demonstration of unconditional love.

To all my family, the Hopson’s, Turners, Garrett’s, Bowies, Colliers, and all extended families, we appreciate your support during this time. And finally, our children, Deleia, Tim, Christy, Denise, Irvin, Victoria, Brian, Jennifer, Darry, Danaya, Jonathon and CJ, your strength, resilience, and grace during this time has made us all proud.  Continue in the legacy you have now inherited.

We will acknowledge all cards, gifts, emails, etc. at a later time.  I want to ask that you allow me some time to mourn, grieve, and heal from this devastating loss.  I appreciate your sensitivity during this time.

I know we will all get through this together.  

This is yet the dawning of a new day.  And in the words of Apostle Clifford E. Turner,  

“Don’t focus on what is gone, let’s focus on what remains!”

Forever Grateful,

Elect Lady Darlyn C. Turner

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