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March 12, 2020

Dear LIN Family and Friends:

Praise the Lord! As you know we are in the midst of a natural and spiritual crisis. There are many that are asking questions, experiencing anxiety, and even various governmental instructions regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19). Fear, uncertainty, and unfortunately in some cases, panic, has begun to overtake our schools, country, and other nations. As the church of Jesus Christ, the sons of God, we have been given the assignment of dominion and to “subdue” the earth. That word subdue is the Hebrew word “kabash”, which means to bring into force and subjection.

We know that our first response is prayer, and we will actively and intentionally remain engaged to halt this pestilence in its tracks and to utilize the weapons of our warfare as a corporate body. We also know that there are natural things that must be addressed and so we are outlining several precautions that we are taking as a church/network.

Firstly, We are intensifying our cleaning and sanitization of our buildings, utilizing the best products available and making sure we are wiping chairs, surfaces, and equipment both before and after service. Additionally we should minimize touch, make sure sanitizer is readily available, and communicate these precautions so that our congregation is aware that we are taking extra precaution for their safety. Also, we should encourage all to check on those that may be more susceptible to this disease, like the elderly, and make sure that those that may be sick, weak, or unaware are encouraged to stay home so they can heal and to reduce their risk.  Below are some of the additional precautions that we are implementing immediately:

Forever Grateful,

Apostle Darlyn C. Turner

Apostle Sheraine Lathon
Senior Apostle


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The coronavirus has been officially declared a pandemic by the World Health Organazation, with leading experts noting “this is just the beginning”. Fact is, the virus is already rapidly spreading all over the United States, with many more actual cases than we are even able to test for.

At this point, there are no antiviral medications that can combat the virus. There isn’t a vaccine we can use to prevent it. So, what can we do?

Dr. Andrew W. Saul, an international expert on vitamin therapy, says, “The coronavirus can be dramatically slowed or stopped completely with the immediate widespread use of high doses of vitamin C. Bowel tolerance levels of C taken in divided doses throughout the day, is a clinically proven antiviral, without equal.”

Vitamin C is not being hailed as the cure for the Coronavirus, but we know that there is no better defense against viral infectious disease than a healthy immune system, and Dr. Saul’s words paint high dose Vitamin C as the clear preventative leader…

Unfortunately, not all vitamin C is created equal, and most of what lines grocery store shelves has very little benefit as vitamin C tablets have very poor absorption.

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