Stewardship: Money God’s Way

Stewardship: Money God’s Way

My assignment is not to show you everything during this class. My assignment is to tear or rip the veil keeping you from prosperity. When I say prosperity, I mean the fullness of what God has for you, specifically expressed through knowledge, wisdom, and wealth.

Topics will include:

  • Understanding what it is to be a Steward
  • Learning Money the kingdom way
  • Unlocking wealth in your life
  • How to think about wealth
  • Living in abundance
  • And More

Recorded Content

Week 6 – Legacy over Poverty


Week 5 – Investments


Week 4 – The How To’s


Week 3 – Living in the Harvest


Week 2 – Giving: Its not yours anyway

Week 1 – What is a Steward

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